7 months on Finasteride. Still shedding at 100 -150 hairs/day. Is finasteride not working?

The shedding decreased at around the 5-6 month but has once again increased to above 100 hairs/day. Have your patients experienced the same.? How long should I wait before concluding finasteride is not working. NEED REASSURANCE ON FINASTERIDE.

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Propecia how effective is it for hair loss treatment?

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with any kind of medical hair regimentif anything , it will slow down the progression of hair loss but not stop it completely. We usually recommend to use it for a few months to see if it's working for the client. If not effective, you can add other treatment options to increase the efficiency. 

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7 months on Finasteride. Still shedding at 100 -150 hairs/day. Is finasteride not working?

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Thanks for your query.  Shedding of 100-150 hairs/day is absolutely okay. You can stop finasteride for a while and then start it again. This will increase the efficacy of the drug and you will see a better result. Along with that you can apply topical minoxidil twice daily and this will help in reducing the shedding of hair. Hope it helps.

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Finasteride therapy

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Would first ensure the source of finasteride you are taking is legitimate and a good one.  There are many version of it generically.  

If it is a good source, you can add minoxidil to your current regimen daily to further reduce your shedding.

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