If I Stop Accutane After 3 Months, if I Were to Restart It, Do I Pick Up Where I Left Off? Or Start All over Again?

I stopped taking Accutane after being on it for about 3 months. I stopped due to severe side effects. My acne has improved, but not as much as I'd like. If I were to start taking Accutane again would I pick up where I left off (be on it for three more months) or would I have to start all over again and be on it for 6 months or so?

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Best answer: consult your doctor!

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The best answer to this is to consult your prescribing physician. I would think just offhand that you won't start all over again, but it probably won't be the 3 month window you would have had left. You might be on it for like 4 months or so but it depends on how bad your acne has gotten again, and your weight to mg dosing.

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