Hunched and lower back pain after TT?

I am 12dpo and my lower back hurts so badly. I am still hunched over, I'm really just wanting to feel better. Can I do anything to help with the lower back pain and being so hunched over? Stretches? Thanks

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Back pain following a tummy tuck

Back pain during the early postoperative period is an unfortunate consequence of a tummy tuck. There are many causes and walking hunched over is one of them. This position puts a strain on the ligaments in the back and leads to pain in many patients. This should be discussed with your surgeon to determine when it would be safe to try and stand more erect. Other common causes of back pain include strains and pressure from sleeping on your back and discomfort from liposuction if this was performed during the procedure. Discuss this with you surgeon as there are many helpful hints that can provide some relief during these first few days. 

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Back pain

you have to be patient.  sit down and bring your knees into your chest. this will take the strain off. I tell people it is like shoveling snow though that analogy may not work for you in california

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