I had four permanent Crowns placed on the 13th of the this month, and I have had a throbbing ever since around one Crown.

The the constant throbbing pain is enough to prevent me from sleeping, I have been unable to eat or drink much of anything without pain only intensifying. I had no root canals done on these crowns, I felt no pain while I had the temporaries in place, pain only happened after permanents were put into place. I was told to wait a week, but the pain has become unbearable, and if I happen to touch the tooth a sharp shooting pain follows. Please advice. Thank you

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Sounds like you need an adjustment ... #DrSarahThompson

Your symptoms sound like you need a simple adjustment to the tooth that is opposite that crown.  This typically takes only 5 minutes in the chair and is something that the dentist usually does at no charge, since s/he was the one that placed the crowns.  I am sorry that you're in pain, but please call or just walk into your dentist's office and kindly request an adjustment.  I hope this helps, but feel free to follow me on RealSelf if you have more questions in the future.

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hi,    first of all should review the gingival part and check what state the nerve of the tooth or else you have to make a root canal.

Tarsys Loayza, DDS
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Dental pain

Sorry to hear that you're in pain. Pain after permanent crowns can be related to multiple reasons. You mentioned that you didn't feel pain during the temporary crowns period, so I assume pain could be related to occlusion interference. The porcelain is harder and isn't forgivable like the temporaries ones when it come to functionality. I suggest you avoid chewing on them and try to wear an OTC mouthguard until you can see you dentist to determine the exact reason.

Hope you feel better soon.

Dr. Koperly


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Pain after crowns

In the US we don't automatically do root canals every time a crown is done. There could be several reasons for the pain on one crown. Most likely it needs a bite adjustment. This is a very simple process. I suggest calling the doctors office and sharing the level of your discomfort. Your dentist would not want you experiencing such pain. CAll today to get an appointment. If it turns out that a root canal is necessary don't worry. This is a routine procedure.

Dental crowns

Hi, thanks for write... They do root canal before the crowns? Normally doctors don't want to do the root canal because will increase your quote but is the only way you can secure the success of your teeth when you put dental crowns. Good luck 

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Excess cement?

Sometimes when cementing crowns a little cement remains under the gumline.  This causes inflammation which in turn causes the tooth to become hypersensitive.  I would check that and the occlusion of the crown.

Joseph Proscia, DDS
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