Spider Vein Under the Eyes?

1 month ago i suddenly got Spider veins under my eyes and ever since they've spread abit and i'm really worried they will spread even more .. I believe i got them from either one of the 3 , Sun exposure , Accidently stretched my skin hard or by placing ice under my eyes Can Creams rich in vitamin K get rid of this problem or is laser treatement my only option? Will my veins keep spreading ? Another question is , if my cause was one of the 3 stated above , after laser will they come back? Thanks

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Veins can recur.

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Spider veins around the eye (periorbital) can be due to many reasons including aging, genetics. sun exposure and trauma.  There are may options for treatment of these especially laser but also ohmic theromlysis with VeinWave or VeinGogh or fine needle radiofrequency with Ellman Surgitron also work well.  Topical creams are sort of hit and miss for effective therapy.  We have had success with Auriderm cream.  There is always a risk of veins recurring.

Naples General Surgeon

Laser for Undereye Spider Veins

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If they are spider veins and telangiectasias, not varicose veins, then the best treatment is lasers. These are not areas that can be injected safely and therefore sclerotherapy is not recommended. Yes, you can get recurrence as there is no cure for venous disease.

Spider veins under eyes, laser treatment

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Unfortunately skin creams such as those rich in Vitamin K will unlikely have any affect on the veins.  Laser therapy is likely your best option, depending on examination of the veins and how large they are.  It is unpredictable whether the veins will continue to spread, but avoiding sun exposure and trauma to the area will definitely help decrease the incidence of spreading or recurrence.  If you decide on laser treatments, more than one treatment may be required and special eye protection will be placed to protect your eyes during the treatment. I hope this information was helpful to you.

Spider veins

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Laser is the best way to treat spider veins under the eyes. Several treatments are  necessary. If they are very close to your lashes, a metal contact lid is placed under your eyelid to protect your eye during the treatment. This does not hurt. It is hard to say if the vesssels will return,  or you if will get new ones. Wearing sunglasses in the summer will help protect against more sun damage which can be a cause of them. In the winter undereye conclear would probably also help.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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