Holes or Welts on Nose After Laser Treatment Are Permanent or Do They Heal? (photo)

I had laser treatment on my nose for spider veins and now I have holes or groves on my nose, is that permanent?

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Laser for veins on the nares (nose)

I recommend that you see the physician who did the laser procedure for guidance. The skin here is very thick in this area.

Unless you had ulcerations there following the treatment, it may not at all be from the laser treatment. 

Buffalo General Surgeon
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Skin changes to the nose post laser

Skin changes post laser therapy for superficial veins of the nose are greatly dependent on the type of laser used and the technique.  Another factor is the amount of time from the laser therapy and the appearance of the skin surface in the submitted photograph.  The skin of the nose is usually very forgiving and heals well post procedures.  I would recommend that you contact the practice that completed your therapy.  

James E. White, MD
Chattanooga General Surgeon
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Holes in you nose

Do you know what type of laser treatment was done. Was a laser actually used. Contact your doctor and discuss the situation with him or her.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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