I want to fix my buck teeth and I think the only way is to get implants. Any suggestions? (photos)

They are way too big to be corrected with braces. How long does the implant process take or can I get my teeth shaved down?

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Braces or veneers.

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you have an overbite, and you have 2 options, that will depend if you wan too spend time or not. option1. braces for about 1 year and half, and you will have great results, if your teeth are healthy. and you will have your own teeth, and preserve the bone. option2, in just a couple of days, with veneers you can have great layout, and result of your smile, you can change shape, size and even color, you will have a straight and aligned smile, you will love your smile,the solution of having implants, based on your pictures, and your age, i will not try to get to it,now a complete smile and x ray analysis needs to be done. 


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If your teeth are healthy, I would recommend an orthodontic treatment or a cosmetic dentist that can help correct your smile. Good luck to you.

Cosmetic reshaping and orthodontic treatment

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With your limited photographs, it does appear that your two front teeth are too large. I would never recommend extracting them however. You should be evaluated for orthodontic treatment and  it could be possible to reshape your central incisors making them smaller and then move them into a better uncrowded position.

Douglas Jopling,  DDS
Dallas Texas area

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I would not extract healthy teeth just because they are bucked.  Have you seen and orthodontist to see if they can reposituion these teeth.  There is al;so lingual braces that orthodontist do, that move teeth back to thier position and since the attachments are placed in the baxck of your teeth, noone can tell you are doing braces.  

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