botox to raise eyebrows but keep them straight? (photo)

I recently got my masseter muscles and temporalis botoxed with great results from a dentist in seoul (for bruxism). i got my procerus botoxed a week ago and i like the results. i want to botox other parts around my eyebrows to lift the extra skin over my eyelids but i dont want my brows to arch. i really like the straight eyebrow look. where should the doctor inject to raise my eyebrows evenly, and where should she avoid to keep my eyebrows lifted but straight? thank you!

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Botox to Lift the Borws

Thank you for your question.  Botox can be used to lift the brows.  In my experience when placed properly, the brows can be lifted without looking arched in an unnatural way.

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Brow Shaping with Botox

Dear dochiya:Thanks for this question and sharing your photo. Many but certainly not most Botox injectors understand the dynamics of protective and expressive muscle interaction around the eyes. It would be wise for you to consult with a talented and skillful injector as  those injectors that do not appreciate the varied anatomy and individual response to Botox use will never understand how to vary brow shape.The frontalis muscle fibers integration into the orbicularis oculi and corrugator muscle(s) will determine brow height and shape. In my personal experience, I first attempt to raise and curve the eyebrow and then have the patient return 2 weeks later for very specific single unit dosing to shape the eyebrow. This is because, injecting the frontalis muscle obligates the patient to the final brow position until Botox wears off. So it is best to use a 2 step process. I hope this is helpful. Good luck finding your expert Botox injector!

Dean P. Kane, MD, FACS
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Brow lift with Botox Cosmetic

The distal brow can be raised 1-3 mm when Botox Cosmetic is injected in the precise area between the distal brow and the lateral canthus of the eye. This is where the muscle fibers that pull the brow down reside. Thus relaxing the muscles that pull the brow down will result in a brow lift. An unnatural brow raise (like Jack Nicholson's eye brows) is an undesired look that may sometimes happen with injection of the muscles between the brows. This look can be corrected with Botox relaxation of the forehead muscles that raise the brow. A physician with expertise in neurotoxin injections should be well versed in the art of facial shaping with Botox Cosmetic and should be able prevent or correct any undesirable effects. 

Monica Bonakdar, MD
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Botox for the brows

Thank you for your question dochiya. Botox is a purified protein used to address wrinkles associated with facial expression. Botox can also be used to adjust the position of the brows. The muscle that pulls the corner of the brow down is at or just below the corner of the brow. When Botox is placed here this muscle will relax and allow for a slight elevation of the brow. The muscle that lifts the brow is on the forehead above the brow. Relaxing this muscle with Botox can address horizontal lines seen on the forehead when one raises the brow. Depending on the specific location Botox here can also bring the position of the brow down. This allows for correction of any undesired peaking effect. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations.  Good luck!

Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
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Long experience

I have alot of experience in botox brow raising. Ideally a small amount should be used just under the part of the brow that you want to raise. If you prefer a tall straight brow then 2 or three half unit doses each side under the brow should do the trick. There is an anatomical risk of the eye lid raising muscle to be affected as it is relatively nearby to the injection point so be aware of this as a possible complication. Hope that helps. Adam Goodwin

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