FUE surgery: Is this really 2000 grafts? (photos)

Hi. Just had my fue surgery done in Johannesburg, South Africa. I've decided to have 2000 grafts implanted using the fue method. After having a moment to view it, it doesn't look like 2000 grafts. I've compared this with other online photos of men having 2000 grafts transplanted via the fue technique. Please review my photos and let me know what you think?

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You don't seem to trust your doctor's hair count

Ask your doctor for the surgical record of the count sheet and it will show just how many grafts were harvested and where they were placed. 

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Photos and FUE

I would be very hard pressed to say that is anywhere near 200 grafts. The area is too small and spacing too great. Just put the photos into photoshop and mark them off as you count. A few hundred at best from what I can see.

Alan S. Feller, DO
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How many grafts has been transplanted

That looks like 250-300 grafts but sure not 2000.You should better check this with your hair surgeon.

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200 Grafts!

That looks more like 750 grafts to me. Highly doubt there is 2,000 grafts there.  Patients get so worried about grafts numbers and it seems these days some doctors are promising high graft numbers and not delivering.  I frequently see patients in my office that tell me they had a 2500 graft FUE procedure done and by my experience it looks as if though maybe 750 grafts were transplanted.

Ive converted my practice to small, medium, and large cases.  I don't like to discuss graft numbers because it can be arbitrary.  For example some clinics take a 4 follicular unit graft and dissect it down to 4 single follicular unit grafts.  Now they have 4 grafts instead of 1.  This generally decreases the graft survival rate and generally gives patients worse results.  But they may have received 3,000 grafts.

I would recommend following up with your doctor and discussing why you were told 2,000 grafts and likely received much less than that. Some doctors on this forum don't like to give a solid answer of yes or now.  But in the end, patients are not stupid.  You don't need us to tell you that you didn't receive 2,000 grafts.  All you have to do is look at your picture and count the number of sites to see that there is far less than 2,000.

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You can count the hairs with a high resolution photo yourself. However, even without counting it is probably not 2000 grafts.

You can count the hairs with a high resolution photo yourself. However, even without counting it is probably not 2000 grafts.

Jae Pak, MD
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2000 grafts?

Hair tranplant surgery is a huge procedure but should only be one part of a long term plan the patient has with his/her doctor to control hair loss.  If you don't have trust in your doctor, then you should find someone who can manage your condition long term.  
I'm not sure if there 2000 grafts or not, but it does look somewhat sparse.  You should return to the surgeon and discuss this with them.  There may be a reasonable explanation.  
If you cannot find trust with your current surgeon, then you need to establish with someone else you can trust to help you prevent further hair loss and manage your condition for the long haul because androgenic alopecia is never cured by surgery. 

Ryan Welter, MD
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It is hard to tell from the photo but

Why would you go with a clinic you do not trust?  It looks like fewer but no absolute way to know at this point. You may want to go in for a follow up.

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