Softening Facial Features - My Face Looks Harsh and Long

I am happy with my appearance except for that my face looks somewhat harsh and long. The angle to my jaw is sharp which I think makes my chin look extra prominent. Although on the other hand, I think my chin good balances well with my nose. I would like my face to appear softer and more rounded. Having a long straight hair and wearing it up is not flattering. What do you think I can do?

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Softening facial features.

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I think to some degree you are being very critical of yourself. A strong jawline is generally considered a youtthful and desireable appearance. Contouring of the chin can be accomplished to soften the appearance but it is not without risk. I am also guessing that you are realtively fit and close if not less than your ideal body weight. Clearly more facial fat would soften your appearance. You can try out the appearance with facial fillers and contemplate lipoinjection at a later date if you like the appearance.

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