How to Smooth Out / Get Rid of Bump On Forehead?

When i was 15 i got hit in the head pretty hard. I was in a tight situation & i didn't get to ice it down or anything till the next day. this bump on my forehead has stayed for almost 3 years now. it feels pretty hard, & it is some what moveable. this has been lower my self confidence,and is ruining my high school life and i want to make a change on my last year. I know boxers get hit all the time and they're able to get rid of it, whats the secret. Any answer would help except surgery, thank u

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Lump on head

Without an exam it is difficult to say what the lump is. Sometimes they are small osteophytes(bone) and sometimes they are traumatic lipomas. WIthout removal or evaluation it is impossible to say.

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Forehead Bump

It's hard to say without a proper evaluation.  Please consult with a surgeon who can evaluate and help you achieve the results you desire.  While you may or may not need surgery, sometimes a simple procedure or other options can help  your situation.

Kimberly Lee, MD
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