Amount of fat loss from Smart Lipo

I had SmartLipo a week ago today and I'm very nervous waiting on the results. I can see some but hopefully when I go for my 2-week follow-up and see the before and after pics I will feel better. I am 5 8' and about 175. I was working out all the time, I had gone to boot camp 3x, spent so much money on personal trainers and I felt like there is nothing else for me to do and yes diet pills!!! How much is a good amount of fat to lose when you have smart lipo?

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Fat loss with Smart Lipo

The fat loss that a patient receives from any Liposuction procedure is more dependent of the skill of the surgeon that any of the lasers that melt fat before suctioning. We find that Vaser ultrasound melting of fat to be better that any of the lasers that we have tried and the added cost is less than 20% of the lasers. However, Vaser is just another tool and is only as good as  the training of your doctor.

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Smart Lipo and Fat Reduction

Thank you for the question.  It's very important to keep in mind that any kind of liposuction, be it traditional liposuction or laser assisted liposuction, such as Smart Lipo is not an actual tool for weight loss.  The purpose of liposuction is to reduce the layer of fat that's directly under the skin, while still leaving a thin layer behind to prevent over correction.  While this is a great tool for dramatically smoothing out "fat rolls",  if you have a significant amount of fat that is under the muscle, then don't expect to see a significant change.  It's also important to remember that at only one week out from your procedure, you're still going to have significant swelling.  I recommend to my patients that their final results can be best seen at 6-12 months. 

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Liposuction not for weight loss

Smartlipo is for isolated pockets of stubborn fat and not for weight loss. If you have a "spare tire", love handles or something like that, liposuction can help you. However, if you are looking for overall weight loss and a lower number when you step on the scale, liposuction is not suitable. It's hard to say how much fat you'll lose but you can ask your surgeon how much was removed during your surgery.

Smartlipo not for weight loss

Smartlipo won't help you lose a considerable amount of weight. It is more to remove unwanted localized fat deposits on your body that don't respond well to diet and exercise. It can help treat love handles, muffin top,  saddlebags and other contour concerns. You should be at an ideal, stable weight before you proceed with surgery for your safety and to improve your surgical outcome. 

Lose Fat with SmartLipo

The perfect candidate is generally in good health and of normal body weight. The amount of fat loss depends on the person and the size of the fat pocket. In order to prevent irregularities in the skin, your physician has to leave a designated amount of fat in the skin. This layer is what provides support, oxygen, and nutrients to the skin.

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Amount of fat loss from Smart Lipo? #Smart Lipo# amount of fat

Smart Lipo is a liposuction technique used to contour the body. The questions regarding how much fat gets removed, of course, depends on each individual. While everyone is concerned about how much fat they lose, the most pertinent question arises regarding the shape the abdomen or concerned region post operative appearance. This will take more than two weeks to see the final results. Most of the skin tightens over the course of the first six months. At two weeks, you will notice firm patches that resolve over time. You should have a good idea that there is a noticeable difference at two weeks and that you will continue to improve in shape over the weeks and months ahead. Just be patient and I am sure your concern will be answered one way or another. I would continue to be in contact with your physician to help you be reassured.

The best test is the pinch test!

You can tell if adequate amount was removed by comparing the liposuctioned area with other areas of the body.  The best place to compare to is just under the ribs.  The thickness of the pinch should match.  Weighing yourself will not give the correct answer.

Smart lipo results

Few important points for you to undertand. 1. Final results from any lipo procedure takes 6-12 months most commonly patients start to see very nice improvement by 4 weeks. 2. A perfect natural looking result has nothing to do with how much fat is removed. It all depends on the patient, areas that are done, the degree of disproportion, etc. In one patient 200 cc may be the perfect amount and in another it may be 4 and a half liters. 3. The role of the liposuction surgeon is to target disproportion and create a more balanced shape. The role of the patient is to keep their weight down and their muscle tone good. Each has their own distinct roles.

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It isn't the amount of fat but your shape that counts

We do many cases of Smart Lipo that have only a small amount of fat obtained, yet fabulous results.  Some cases can have large amounts of fat and less spectacular results.  It all comes down to the shape, not the amount, of fat.  Good luck on your results!

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SmartLipo and Fat Loss

There is not a formula for removed fat amounts and liposuction.  It is, in fact, a sculpturing process and your board certified plastic surgeon will stop when "it looks right."  In my hands liposuction does not stop when I reach a certain amount of suctioned fat (within certain limits) but when the desired contours have been achieved.  Best wishes!

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