Slice Prep Teeth to Close Triangles on Veneers then Transition to Crowns?

Recently, I had my veneers redone with a fresh set on 8 and 9 to close two very tiny triangles on the distals. The dentist did slice prep on the distals of the teeth to close the triangles with the veneers. Down the line, many years from now, when I redo again, if I had to transition to all porcelain crowns (just assume for some reason veneers would no longer work) instead of veneers is that possible with teeth that are slice prepped to go to porcelain crowns restorations instead of veneers?

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Veneers then Transition to Crowns

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Veneers are very conservative preps and whenever you need to update them, you have both options: Veneers and/or Crowns.A combination of both treatment will look great too. Crowns require more tooth structure removed, but they will work the same. Every time any dental treatment needs to be updated, the tooth structure will be touch up. Both restorations can last a long time !

Fairfax Dentist

Transitioning From Veneers To Crowns

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When doing veneers on central incisors to close "dark triangles" it is a great idea to slice prepare the teeth.  In the future, if you have the veneers replaced it will be fine to transition to full crowns, though it may not be necessary.  That decision would be made at the time of removing your existing veneers.  Hope this helps.

Veneers can always be replaced with Crowns

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Veneers can always be transitioned to Crowns however, before you redo great veneers, consider trying a filler to close the black triangles-There is research that shows that plumping up the tisse with a small amount of filler(like Juvaderm) might work even long term.  Do some inquiring when you need to-Enjoy your smile!!!

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Can I Transition From Slice Prep Veneers to Crowns Later?

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If you were to develop problems later with your porcelain veneers, yes, you could still easily convert to dental crowns later. The beauty of veneers is that generally they are a very conservative way to shape the teeth to close spaces or re-shape them. 

When veneers are done elegantly, they are done in a highly conservative manner. We always start our patients on a rigorous prevention regimen to try to keep the veneers working for MANY years.

In addition, usually a night guard is necessary to protect the veneers from all of the things can can happen while you sleep.

In my experience, a well thought-out design coupled with a pragmatic prevention program will help you avoid the situation you described. In the future maybe all you will need is to just replace a veneer.

Future Transition from Veneers to Porcelain Crowns

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The advantage of veneers is the minimal tooth structure removal necessary as compared to what is needed for a porcelain crown.  That being said, after a slice prep for a veneer, transition to a crown would only require a little more tooth structure.  IPS e.max porcelain is the new strongest aesthetic porcelain that could make the transition beautifully.  

Porcelain veneers can always transition to Crowns

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One advantage to having veneers is that later in life, if there is a need, there is adequate remaining tooth structure to have a crown (unless the tooth is broken at the gumline).  Crown contours, replacement veneers, or dermal fillers (like Juvederm) are usually the choices when closing black triangles near porcelain veneers.

Future work on veneers with slice preps.

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I usually prefer the esthetic results when contacts are broken.  If staining of the bonding cement stains it is kept out of site and there is less chance of losing a veneer.  Do not worry about future replacement because there is very limited tooth removal.

Esthetics are vitally important and contact breaking really helps improve them in almost all patients but are vitally important if correcting midline discrepancies.

Gingival recontouring is a frequently neglected step in cosmetic procedures that can make incredible changes in final esthetics

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