Is a Post and Build Up Required for Dental Crowns on Front Teeth?

Is a Post and Build Up Required for Dental Crowns on Front Teeth?

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Is post and build up necessary for anteriors?

every case is different. Just depends on the amount of supporting tooth structure. There is no rule of thumb.

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Post and Buildup for Front Teeth

A post and buildup should only be necessary if there is not enough sound tooth structure for a crown to br placed on.  If they are necessary in your case, make sure that tooth colored posts and buildup material is used to prevent any dark areas showing through the crown.  This is only true if an all porcelain crown is used (which should be the case for front teeth) if a porcelain fused to metal crown is used then this does not matter

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Post and core for crowns

First you need to have a RCT in the tooth to have a post placed and a core build up. If your tooth is not Root Canal, then you may just need a core build up. Not all the time you need one or the other, if is not necessary. When a front tooth is Root Canal, depending of what the doctor has to work with and the condition of the tooth, a post and core build up will be needed for more support.

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Is A Post and Buildup Needed Prior To Placing A Crown?

A post and buildup are not always necessary  when placing crowns on front teeth.  A post is utilized when a tooth has been badly decayed or broken due to trauma.  When utilized, a post is inserted about 3/4 of the way down the root of the tooth and cemented in place.  A buildup is then placed around the post  and the crown is seated on the buildup.  Many posts have been found to cause fractures in roots after they have been in place for many years.  For this reason, I opt for extracting the tooth and placing a dental implant when the tooth is in need of a post.  I have found that I get more longevity out of an implant with less problems in the future.  Good luck.  

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Post and core built-up for anterior crown

The post and core built-up is usually used in anterior teeth to create more support for the crown when the coronal structure is not sufficient and the tooth previously was endodontically treated. This decision is made by the dentist at the time of crown preparation for the crown and is very individual in each situation.

Is Post and Build Up Necessary for Anterior Crowns

Only if there is inadequate tooth structure remaining.  Avoid metal posts if at all possible as they can discolor the underlying tooth and cause a gray line to appear or show through crown if an all porcelain restoration is used.  Bonded tooth colored posts are much better cosmetically is a post is required.

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Posts and Cores on Anterior Teeth are Case by Case Decision.

Every situation is unique. There is no hard and fast rule. It all depends on the integrity of the remaining tooth structure.

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Post and core build up is necessary when there is a significant amount of tooth loss

Necessity for a post and core build up depends on the remaining available tooth a dentist has to support a crown.  In general, post is placed in a root canalled tooth to support core buildup. If you have lost a significant amount of tooth due to caries or trauma (your dentist can decide and suggest that); then a post and core is necessary to hold a crown even for a front tooth.

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