Can a Take a Sleeping Pill the Night Before my Tummy Tuck?

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Get a good nights rest before surgery

As long as your surgeon and  your anesthesiologist do not have a problem with it, taking a sleeping pill the night before surgery should not be a problem. It is a good idea to get a good nights sleep before surgery. However, I wouldn't take something you have never tried before the night before surgery and you should take it early enough in the evening that you will be awake and alert when you talk with your surgeon before you go in to surgery.

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Rest Well Before Surgery

A good night's rest is important before surgery.  A sleeping pill is generally fine, but I don't recommend trying a new medication.

Andrew Jimerson, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Can a Take a Sleeping Pill the Night Before my Tummy Tuck?

That's a common question and should be no problem, just check with your surgeon first. And make sure you take the pill early enough in the evening that you are alert in the morning. I had one patient sleep through her surgical time and miss the procedure.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Can a Take a Sleeping Pill the Night Before my Tummy Tuck?

Make sure your surgeon is aware of your plan, but there should not be a problem. Many patients will use a sleeping tablet or a valium the night before surgery.

Best wishes, and thanks for the question. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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OK To Take A Sleeping Pill Before Tummy Tuck?

Yes, but make sure you don't oversleep and miss your surgery time. Your surgeon and anesthesiologist need to know what it was and when you took it. You'll catch up on your sleep during the procedure and recovery.  Dr. Foster



Lawrence Foster, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon
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