Skin Wrinkles on Bruised Area After Lower Eyebag Blepharoplasty

I had lower eyebag blepharoplasty 7 weeks ago. Most bruises disappeared 2 weeks after surgery, but some residual bruises remained. My doctor said these too would go away in times. About 1 week ago, the skin area where these residual bruises are became dry, wrinkled and very creased (but other skin areas where the eyebags were but not bruising are ok). The doctor said that's dead skin to come off. But 7 days down the track it's still much the same. I am worried, and I want a 2nd opinion.

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Wrinkled skin on areas of bruising

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what you are describing is due to the irritation of the blood being directly under the skin.Blood  is quite irritating to the tissues and causes inflammation. Using a good moisturizer or a copper peptide cream will help speed the healing process of the skin to allow the wrinkles to smooth out.

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Healing after blepharoplasty

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It would be a mistake to undertake any surgical intervention so soon after this surgery.  Gently massage the areas and use a medical grade moisturizer.  Be patient for several months and then reevaluate.

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