Is Skin Only Facelift No Longer Performed?

I had exilis (fat burning, skin tightening) done on I'm my cheeks and my skin is now slightly sagging. I also have a medpor implant in my infraorbital rim cheeks that I slightly want to shave off, to give me a more natural look. So I'm expecting some loose skin but after going online that removing excess skin was the traditional facelift that is no longer recommended. Does this mean that having some skin removed on my cheeks is a bad idea and not recommended anymore? Please help!

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Is Skin Only Facelift No Longer Performed?

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Dear Newpotatoe,

Thank you for your question.  Yes, skin only facelifts are still done.  However, in general, if you are already there, lifting the deep layer will improve the result, so most of the time, a skin only facelift is not done.

Best wishes,

PAblo Prichard, MD

Skin only facelfit

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The most important thing when considering a facelift is that the procedure planned matches the problem to be corrected.  If you perform the "right" operation on the wrong patient the result will not be good.  If you are unsure of your decision then it may be time to seek a second opinion.  

Skin only facelift good for some women.

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Thirty years ago, skin only facelifts were the only kind of facelifts done, and there were plenty of good results.  So it is just a matter of the surgeon being able to pick who has the right anatomy for this approach.  I would say it is good for 10% of women and almost no men.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Skin only facelifts.

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A skin only facelift, with no treatment of the underlying fascia and muscle layers are rarely performed any longer.

Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS, FRCSC, FACS.

Skin Only Facelift still done but Surgeon;s More Important than technique.

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Although a skin-only facelift may be the right choice for you, it may not be.  Individualized evaluation and recommendations are critical to receive the best result.  Therefore make sure to select the best plastic surgeon in your area for this advice. For hints on how to find the best plastic surgeon - see the below link.

Facelift, litelift, lifestyle lift and other modifications

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every patient has different needs and so there are many modifications.

minilifts, skin only lifts are less common but may be the right choice for you.

the goal is a natural , long lasting improvement,  easy and quick healing, safe and great results


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They are still performed but if you want a long-lasting improvement then I prefer to tighten the underlying muscle layer (SMAS).  The traditional skin only facelift is rarely used today.  Posting pictures of yourself will help us make recommendations.

Skin Only Facelift

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Your situation may be different because you are talking about your cheeks as opposed to a full facelift. However changes in the aging face include not just lax, excess skin but also the los of volume and sagging underlying muscle (called the SMAS layer). Even with limited surgery, the so-called mini-lift or neck lif,t it is best to address that muscle tissue. The results are better and longer lasting.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Skin Removal with a Facelift

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Modern technology utilized better options for a facelift. In my past, a skin only lift is better used for a touch up or a second procedure. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for an exam and a consult.

Skin only face lift

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Skin only face lift does not address the underlying muscle laxity and secondly excessive pulling of the skin to give a desired result can cause other secondary effects as scarring, pixie ears, unnatural look etc. Coming back to shaving of medpore implant, if there is any laxity , which in my opinion would not be much, the laxity is multilayered as the implants are subperiosteal. It may be necessary to tighten the underlying muscle and skin to achieve the desired result.

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