Why can't I see my stitches like other people's surgery results? Why can't I see any crease? (photos)

I just had my asian blepharoplasty today. The surgery took only an hour. I was really happy with the surgery at first but as i look more at myself in the mirror, i am getting doubts.  It just looks like my eyes are swollen with a cut on it . It looks like i still have extra skin as my eyelids are forming crease near my lashline. The doctor clearly said he would cut out excess fat and skin.

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Go ask your doctor

Thank you for the photos. Based on those Photos it looks as though you have a running subcuticular suture underneath the skin. Many surgeons use this. Really what you need to do is ask your doctor because we don't know what that person did

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Since its only one day after surgery, you should try to wait and relax.  Post operative swelling is present and your final result cannot be judged at this point.  Its best to seek follow up with your surgeon to make sure that your post operative healing is optimal.

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