Are Hypertrophic scars and swelling 7 weeks after double eyelid and medial epicanthoplasty surgeries normal? (photo)

I had double eyelid surgery and medial epi 47 days ago in Korea. The scars are very visible and raised. Today I noticed there's a cyst on my left eye. It's red, I don't know if it's infection. Also the incisions look really high to be natural for Asian eyes. The eyelids cover half of my pupils, that makes me look tired (it didn't before). My eyes look sunken. Can double eyelid surgery reversed? I'm so depressed and regret doing it. Will the incisions go down? Should I have a steroid injections?

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At 7 weeks post-operatively after double-eyelid surgery, it is not uncommon for the scars to be noticeable.

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Hello, Thank you for your question.  One significant disadvantage to having plastic surgery distant from your home, is the inability to easily see your surgeon if the need arises.  By all means however, please contact your surgeon and ask him or her these very questions.  Be sure to send clear photos of both eyelids from the front and three-quarter views.  Have a friend take the photos so they are clear and at a proper distance.  In the mean time, I hope my answers are helpful.  By viewing your photos, the scars are not considered hypertrophic at this point.  Also, your scars are not exceptionally abnormal at 47 days post-operatively.  Darker skin types, including Asian skin, tends to scar more than Caucasian skin and also may take more time for erythema (redness) to dissipate.  The use of topical steroid creams may be helpful to reduce both the raised scar and the red color.  A medium potency steroid cream may be a better choice but low potency hydrocortisone 2.5% can be purchased over the counter.  Your surgeon may recommend obtaining a prescription from a local health care professional.  Without seeing you and knowing more about your health and physical exam, I am not recommending that you use a steroid cream.  That answer is for information purposes only.  Regarding the "cyst" on your left eyelid scar, it's difficult to assess definitively.  If you are not allergic to bacitracin, I do recommend you use bacitracin ointment on that area 3-4 times per day.  You may also use a 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water solution to clean that area morning and night before placing the bacitracin ointment on the area.  If it gets larger and develops whitish cream discharge you must seek medical attention right away.  That area should settle down soon.  As for the incisions being too high, it looks like your surgeon gave you a "medium" size height lid.  This is something that should have been clearly discussed prior to surgery with your surgeon.  The surgery cannot be reversed.  I cannot tell if your eyelid truly covers your pupil but I doubt you have a true ptosis (droopy eyelid) following surgery.  I suspect you still have swelling and more time should help with your eyelid height.  You may have strabismus (eyes point in different directions) naturally that wasnt appreciated when you had the epicanthal folds prior to surgery.  You should see an ophthalmologist for an eye exam.  Also, most people have pre-operative asymmetries and unless clearly pointed out by your surgeon pre-operatively, many people identify their pre-existing asymmetries after surgery when they are focused on the surgical sight so intensely.  I recommend that you not obsess about your eyelids for the time being and try to be patient during this healing period.  There should be no reason to be truly depressed and if you are feeling down, this is a normal emotion after undergoing plastic surgery for some people and these feelings will resolve in due time.  Think positively.  Your result looks very nice.  You changed your physical appearance and it will take time for you to get used to your new appearance.  I really think you will come to like your new eyes within a few months.  I believe your result objectively looks very nice.

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Prolonged healing and scars After Asian eyelid surgery

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prolonged swelling can happen. The incisions do look a little red and bumpy but that also can happen. If you are using ointment or scar gel right now I would strongly suggest you stop. That excess moisture can irritate the skin and slow down your healing. See a local Eyelid surgeon and see if an injection of steroids may be helpful for you.    I don't think you can reverse double eyelid surgery in general but you can improve the position of the crease. At the moment you simply need to heal. Things should continue to improve as the weeks go by and then after 9 to 12 months you can consider any revision work you may need. 

Chase Lay MD

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