I'm interested in shrinking the large veins on top of my hands. Am I a candidate for Sclerotherapy? (photos)

What is cost range, who would not be a candidate & where can I go? Female in good health l'm often told I look ten younger then my 59 yrs. I agree everywhere except my hands! I work out & eat healthy whole food. Never had cosmetic surgery, but I'm READY! Need Dr near LA 90042 or NC‎ 28173 area. My choise of treatment would be sclerotherapy coupled w/ some filler for the boney areas. read it's import to know what strength solution to use for less down time. I need an expert w/ lots of experience!

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Rejuvenation of the hands

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May want to consider a combination of limited incision phlebectomy and fat injections for rejuvenation of the hands.  

Hand vein options.

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There are several options for treating hand veins including sclerotherapy, removal through mini incisions (microphlebectomy) or laser ablation (endovenous).  My treatment of choice is a combination of laser ablation and sclerotherapy.  Usually one laser session is necessary but several sclerotherapy sessions may be needed.  I have been doing this procedure for over 12 years with excellent cosmetic results.  Once the veins are removed then decisions can be made on fillers. The cost varies  depending on the extent of the veins in each hand.  I am sure that there are doctors in your locale who can solve your problem.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

Varicose veins of the hands

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There are many options of treatment including fillers to hide the veins, sclerotherapy and sometimes microphlebectomy. Check the information on the link below for videos as well. 

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