Can Someone Show a Full Set of Veneers at BL2 and BL3?

I'm trying to decide between BL2 and BL3 veneers and can't seem to find photos showing the difference. My dentist is suggesting BL2 with BL3 near the fun line. The lab is suggesting BL3. Can the cement darken the BL2s I'd they're too white? Thank you.

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What Shade of Porcelain Veneers...BL2 or BL3?

Below you'll see a link that shows both BL2 and BL3 porcelain veneers.

Just a observation, we've done virtually thousands of porcelain veneers over the years (I started doing them when they were first introduced to dentistry around 1985) and in the last few years our most popular color was BL2 by 80%, BL1 by 15% and BL3 only 5%.  For most people BL2 really seems to work the best.

I do not use a colored bonding cement, as it can affect the final color and is unpredictable.  Thus, use only clear bonding cement and all color is made either in the porcelain or to the underlying tooth (i.e. dark spots are removed and filled with composite that matches the rest of the normal underlying tooth color).  This gives really good consistency.

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