Shingles Outbreak After MM?

10 days post MM and I got a small shingles outbreak on my flank area about an inch and a bit away from my scar. I have gotten them in the past, mainly while pregnant with each of my kids. Has anyone experienced this before? Why does this happen? Can I take the medication for it while taking the muscle relaxers? Is there something topical?

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Shingles after MOM

Ouch!  This is occuring because of a "reactivation" of the varicella virus that has been in your body.   Please see your Internist or PCP for anti-viral treatment.  Best of luck.

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Shingles after mommy makeover

The varicella virus lives in your body well after your initial chicken pox infection.  Surgical stress can cause a dormant infection to reactivate.  You should check with your doctor and begin antiviral treatment right away, and if you are scheduled for any other surgery you should probably start the meds 3 to 4 days before the procedure.


Sorry you have this.....

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Shingles After Mommy Makeover

This is not surprising at all because you've had it in the past.  The condition is caused by varicella zoster virus, the same virus that causes chicken pox.  In some people, the virus remains latent in the nerve roots and reactivates when your immune system is suppressed, i.e. pregnancy, surgery, other type of illness. There are multiple anti viral medications which can be used, including topical Zovirax ointment.  If you are taking other medications, it may be wise to consult an infectious disease specialist to help you choose the one with the least side effects.  Consider antiviral prophyaxis (intake of antiviral drugs before elective surgery).  Different doctors use different protocols.  Again, an infectious disease specialist will be helpful in that regard. 

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