How long does it take to get the actual crown delivered and put in?

I had a root canal two weeks ago, prepped and molds and shade taken. How long should it take before I have the crown in?

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Wait times vary

It comes down to the lab. If the lab is local it may have a faster turnaround, but the average is 2 weeks. If planned in advance, this can be less than a week, but unless there is CAD CAM milling in office, that is about as fast as one can expect. 

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45 MInutes

In my office we use CEREC to make crowns in a single visit.  Since your dentist does not have this technology, it is necessary to take a mold, place a temporary crown, and have a dental lab make the crown.  The process usually takes 2-4 weeks.  Your dentist should be able to tell you.  Anything longer than 4 weeks is too long.

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