I have severe dry eyes.Can I have a brow lift(even a lateral direct one), or do I have other options?

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Browlift in patients with dry eye

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Browlift and Blepharoplasty surgery should always be approached with caution in patients with severe dry eye. All procedures can lead to lagopthalmus, which could worsen dry eye symptoms even further.  I would suggest more conservative options such as chemical browlift with Botox.  This procedure will not provide you as dramatic a result, but will also not worsen your condition.  Good Luck!

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Dry eyes and brow lift

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Lagophthalmos, or inability to completely close one's eyelids, is always a risk in any brow lift or eye lid surgery.  In your case, it is a risk that must be considered very seriously by you and your surgeon.  Thorough preoperative evaluation and planning, along with meticulous surgical technique, can make for a successful surgery. Patients with dry eyes can have brow lift surgery, but your surgeon should be more conservative when judging how much to lift your brow to still allow for adequate eyelid closure.

Alternatively, you could also explore non-surgical options such as a chemical brow-lift with Botox. However, the elevation may not be to your satisfaction but considering the risks, this may be a good option.   

Hope this helps and best of luck, 

Dr. Chung

Caution Brow Lift with Severe Dry Eyes

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Lifting the eyebrow of a patient with severe dry eye could interfere with eyelid closure and make dry eye worse. Personnally I would not do it.

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