What is Serdev Suture Mid Face Lift?

I searched the web and found that this procedure is non-invasive and the result are subtle but scarless.

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Serdev Suture for Facelift

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The Serdev suture has some unique qualities, and is used in a suture technique without undermining (surgical release of tissues to aid in repositioning).

The appeal is the minimal trauma, lack of scars and quick recovery.

The technique does not have widespread acceptance. Many surgeons have abandoned suture techniques because of complications with the techniques and because they do not last well.

Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Serdev Suture Lifts

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I actually visited Dr. Serdev a few months ago in Bulgaria. Suture suspension lifts have not been received well historically. Dr. Serdev has built a career with his unique proprietary sutures and instruments. His sutures have an elastic quality to them that move with the tissue and minimize the possibility of them tearing through. Another difference is the use of his specially designed needles that allow for non traumatic anchoring of these sutures to specific areas of the face.

I have performed a few of his procedures with excellent results. I do tell my patients that this is not a long term solution as the sutures do dissolve and we have not done any major undermining prior to the lift. Dr. Serdev's results last years and he has the photos to prove it. I still prefer traditional lifting procedures, but only offer it as a last alternative to patients who do not want anything invasive (mostly brows and cheeks) and are aware that this may not last more than a year or two. I also price it accordingly, more like fillers than a procedure.

Edmon Pierre Khoury, MD
Lone Tree Facial Plastic Surgeon

Serdev Suture Mid Face Lift

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Thank you for your question. The Serdev Suture style has been acknowledged for having minimal invasiveness to the face, lack of scars, and a quick recovery time. However, Dr. Serdev has been known for using unique sutures and instruments which are not widely available in the United States such as specially designed needles and sutures. Before patients fly over to Bulgaria, however, they must recognize that the procedure is a very short-term solution as the sutures dissolve over a short number of years, but that the procedure is good for people who do not want an invasive procedure.

Ramtin Kassir, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Serdev Suture Face Lift

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These thread lifting procedures keep coming back to haunt us. The threadlifts for facelifiting were out about a year before the FDA pulled them off the market. The threads would break from the tension and then the free ends would migrate under the skin before poking out throught the skin like in some science fiction movie. The whole idea of relying on just a suture deep to the skin to create a tightening result has never made sense to me. I have seen hundreds of patients with deep sutures placed at previous operations. These sutures when I saw them were not tightening anything because tissue had grown around them moving the lines of tension to other areas. Dr. Serdev has taken this further using the thread lift principle to lift buttocks, thighs etc.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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