Septoplasty Recovery at Home Needs?

Are there any special products needed after undergoing septoplasty to correct a saddle deformity, such as ice packs or over-the-counter pain relievers, general assistance? Does a caregiver need to be aware of anything?

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Home supplies after septoplasty

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Soft gel packs are important in the first 72 hours post op. My staff recommends bags of baby peas or corn because they contour to the shape of the face and remain cold longer than ice packs. I do not recommend OTC pain medications for the first 48 hours because many of them, including Aleve and Advil, will thin your blood and increase swelling. I do not think postoperative patients require significant caregiving after this procedure. It would be good to have someone with you for the first day or two but you will not be incapacitated.

Frozen peas, gauze, arnica and bromelain can all help

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You will need icepacks, the best icepacks are frozen peas, for the first twenty four hours. You will need gauze because you will have a bloody nose for the first two days. Arnica and bromoleyn help decrease swelling and bruising.  If a rib graft is being used then a pillow on the chest for when you cough.  Make sure you hydrate well, and eat enough protein so that you heal faster.

Babak Larian, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Septoplasty, rhinoplasty

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Correction of a saddle nose deformity would involve more than a septoplasty.  A septoplasty basically corrects the deviation of the  septum in the nose.  The saddle nose deformity would correct the depression over the bridge of the nose.

You may want to talk to your surgeon and clarify the actual procedure and prepare for it appropriately.

This operation can be uncomfortable for one week or so. It will also depend on the source of the cartilage needed to correct the cartilage. 

Narcotics will be necessary to get over the pain for the first few days and you will need some assistance at home to do activities of daily living.

good luck

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