Can Septoplasty help improve the appearance of my nose?

I broke my nose a while ago since then i have a huge hump and wide bottom... from the front its not too bad but when i smile and from the side its really wide and its hooked. Im having a septoplasty next month to fix my breathing and wanted to know if that improves the appearance. If not can non surgical rhinoplasty fix my problem with the hump and the hook shape when i smile? i heard botox around the nose can help the appearance when i smile is this true?

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Septoplasty vs. Septorhinoplasty

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A septoplasty is a non cosmetic procedure to help with breathing. A rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the nose. Combined together often called a septorhinoplasty which will improve function and appearance. There is no non surgical rhinoplasty. If you are having the septoplasty it is best done at the same time as the rhinoplasty if you are considering cosmetic changes. Best regards!

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Septoplasty will not change the appearance of the nose

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A septoplasty will not change the outer appearance of the nose.  A septoplasty is simply performed to improve airflow dynamics through the nose due to a deviated septum.  This has no relationship with the external portion of the nose and is not cosmetic surgery.  We do not recommend any filler substances placed in the nose due to disastrous complications that we have seen performed in other offices.  Botox is an acceptable alternative to the bunny lines or nasal wrinkles when scrunching the nose.  This will only help with those lines high upon the nose during animation.  A rhinoplasty will be needed to improve any cosmetic aspect of the nose.  

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Septoplasty does not change the appearance of the nose.

THERE IS NO NON SURGICAL RHINOPLASTY ( marketing tool). If you desire improvement in appearance you need a rhinoplasty, surgical correction ( not covered by insurance) arrange with the septoplasty because the cartillage from the septum may be needed for the rhinoplasty

Samir Shureih, MD
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