Is a Septoplasty and Alar Base Reduction possible in the same appointment?

Could a septoplasty to straighten the nasal bridge and tip/septum & an alar base reduction in the same sitting possible ? Is it something thats done ? Or would they have to be done separately ?

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Septoplasty and alar base reduction

 A septoplasty is performed for medical necessity when there is obstruction of air flow due to blocking cartilage and bone in the back of the nose. A cosmetic rhinoplasty or alar plasty can be performed at the same time. The septoplasty procedure is billed to the patient's medical insurance,  while a rhinoplasty or alar-plasty is billed directly to the patient. For more information and many examples, please see the link below to our rhinoplasty photo  gallery

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Septoplasty and Alar Base Reduction may be performed together

Alar reduction and septoplasty are typically done in one surgical procedure combined together. An examination and consultation will be able to answer all of your questions for you and a surgical plan may be put in place. Digital imaging may be helpful to show you the proposed surgical result. Best regards, Michael V.Elam, M.D.

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Septoplasty with alar base reduction

Dear TrinaM123,

  • You can perform both procedures at the same time
  • It may take more than just a septoplasty to straighten the nose
  • When you are ready, please visit a rhinoplasty specialist who can address all of your concerns and perform a great exam

Best regards,
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Is a Septoplasty and Alar Base Reduction possible in the same appointment?

It is not uncommon to perform septoplasty along with rhinoplasty. The decision to have them staged, largely depends on the degree of deformity and deviation. 
I recommend a consultation in person for proper evaluation and advice. 

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