I Had Sclerotherapy Done Yesterday on Right Leg Behind Knee. My Leg is Swollen to my Toes?

Do i need to worry about the swelling? It wasn't swollen until I took compression dressing off to shower, then instant swelling from knee to my toes. My ankle, calf and foot are all swollen.

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Needs evaluation.

Swelling post sclerotherapy can occur but I do not see it frequently.  With mild swelling I would not be that concerned and I would treat it symptomatically with continued support stockings and elevation as necessary. However, with the amount of swelling that you describe, I would certainly recommend a follow-up venous ultrasound to prove that you have not developed a DVT. You should call your treating physician and see him immediately.

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Swollen After Sclerotherapy

After undergoing sclerotherapy treatment for leg veins, it's very common for patients to experience leg swelling, especially if they do not continue to wear their compression garment as advised. Typically, compression garments should be worn around the clock for the first several days. I do not recommend compression dressings but graduated compression stockings. If a compression dressing is not properly applied with the correct bandage, the compression can make things worse.
Though it is rare, swelling may be a sign of a blood clot, and if it continues, you may want to visit your doctor or seek a second opinion. As a cosmetic laser dermatologist in San Diego and a pioneer of sclerotherapy treatment, I would advise you to contact your doctor to make sure you are healing correctly.

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
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I would highly recommend that you seek medical attention and follow-up with your treating physician. 

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Swelling After Sclerotherapy Warrants Dulex Vein Scanning to Rule out Deep Vein Clots

If you develop any swelling of the extremity after sclerotherapy, then a doppler ultrasound examination (Duplex scan) is warranted to exclude deep vein thrombosis. Most of the time, this scan will be normal but it is imerative to do the scan as it is the only test that is done that excludes a deep vein clot with certainty.

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Swelling After Sclerotherapy

Swelling after sclerotherapy can be a sign of a blood clot, and one should seek immediate medical attention. Please contact whoever performed the surgery for you to ensure that you are healing correctly.

Sabrina Fabi, MD
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Swelling after vein treatment

the two main causes of swelling after sclerotherapy are that it swells below the wrap if an ace wrap is used and that inflamation is caused by either sclero being injected into the adjacent tissue around the vein. 


A dvt can always occur too but this is very rare unless they are injecting into varicosities or reticular veins and using high strength sclero solutions.


obviously only one of the three of these things can hurt you so it may be advisable to get an ultrasound but its best to  check with your doctor who know you best before seeking treatment.


i would call the office and ask them first.


Timothy Mountcastle, MD
Ashburn Plastic Surgeon
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