Sclerotheraphy and Sun Exposure?

I had sclerotherapy 4 weeks ago on both of my legs and was wearing compression stockings 24/7 for 3 weeks and still wearing them some due to little swelling in ankles. Results of the sclerotherapy is amazing, about 80-90% of spiderveins gone. I went to the beach yesterday for 6 hours in the sun with 50 sublock applied. Now I can see some of the veins again and seems spotted in areas. Is this normal? I thought 4 weeks out of sun is enough time. Will it go away?

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Avoid sun.

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The amount of time to stay out of the sun following sclerotherapy is controversial ranging anywhere from 48 hours to months.  Just as sun can cause skin damage on the face, similar skin damage occurs on the legs leading to new vein formation. Sun exposure immediately following sclerotherapy can lead to increased pigmentation and burning of areas recently treated.  4 weeks since your treatment the veins that you see are most likely new veins from the new sun exposure.  The best advice is to avoid the sun as much as possible and, in your do go into the sun, use a sun block 50 or greater. I would prefer my patients following sclerotherapy to stay out of the sun completely, but if they have to get sun exposure, as least wait until all the treated areas are healed.

Naples General Surgeon

Sclerotherapy and Sun Exposure

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Going into the sun will always produce new spots and new veins.  The skin gets thin and sun damaged from too much ultraviolet light.  Six hours in direct sun light is probably too much if you are fair.  Hopefully as it fades, they will seem less red.  I would try in the future to minimize the hours that you are sun exposed especially during the mid-day sun.  In addition, I would buy an SPF that is even higher and remember to re-apply it every few hours, especially when it is very sunny.  If possible, sit under an umbrella and seek the shade! Please let me know what happens.

Avoid Sun Exposure After Sclerotherapy

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If you want good outcomes and less pigmentation after sclerotherapy, avoid sun exposure, and if you do, wear high SPF sun blocking cremes. We also recommend topicals like VenoLucent and Scleroquin cremes to take away hyperpigmentation.

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It is possible when the tan or burn fades some of the veins should disappear. We have to remember that the long term response to sun exposure is to make more veins. This is the sun damage effect we talk about. However, this is a long time process. Hopefully, when your tan fades so will the small new veins and redness fade.

Esta Kronberg, MD
Houston Dermatologic Surgeon
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