I have an all on four denture on the lower jaw. Can it easily be changed to a snap in denture? What would be involved?

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Hi, thank you for your All-on-4 denture question. All-on-4 dentures are prosthesis that are retained in the mouth and normally are much more stable than a Snap in denture. Yes, you can convert from one to the other, but traditionally the All-on-4 prosthesis is better for you. It is a more retentive and stable prosthesis. I think that you should have a conversation with your dental specialist regarding why you want to switch over and weigh the pros and cons with both. Good luck!


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Actually, it is easy. I do this often & vice versa. First find out if your implants were placed on angles (despite having bone, some doctors don't put them in straight; not a fan since I place them in straight). Second, find out if the implant brand can have Zest attachments placed into them.  You will then need a new set of teeth.  I have several examples.  Good luck justbeckyg

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist

All-on-Four to Snap In Denture

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It depends on the placement and position of the implants. The abutments which connect the implants to the bridge would have to be changed. Also, the bridge would likely have to be converted to an overdenture. The All-on-Four bridge is the most ideal option.


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Yes it can be done, the solution is in the abutments, if you have the correct system of all on, 4 which is from NOBELBIOCARE, the multiunit need to be modified, if you have other brand you need to ask your doctor.

Convert all on 4 denture

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Acrylic dentures can be modified relatively easily and quickly.  But why would you want to do that ?  

Tarun Giroti, MDS
India Dentist

Easy is relative

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CAN it be converted? Yes. But not easily. It isn't complicated, but "simple" is not accurate. There are many factors to consider, and the best option is a Deutsch Removable Bridge. 

Yes! (usually)

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Congrats on taking this great step towards your oral health! Depending on which implant system they used, the implant fixture are usually interchangeable so if you chose to have a removable snap replacement, only the attachments on the implants need to be replaced.. Best of luck and hope this helps :)

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