What procedures can be done to salvage vertically broken lateral incisor? (Photos)

Both of my lateral incisors are stuck almost completely behind my top front teeth due to not having enough space in my mouth for all of my teeth. Anyway my lateral incisor broke in half vertically yet I can still feel the top of the tooth even where it broke on my gum line. I would like to know if it could be salvaged and what procedures I could have done relatively cheap since I'm a college student with very little money.

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Broken Lateral Incisor

Hi there,I agree with Dr. Merrill's very thorough answer. Because your case appears more involved than just a break to be corrected, I think a dental school is a great place to go to save some money. They'll be very thorough in their evaluation. It costs less money, but takes more time because your treatment is completed by students and residents and overseen by licensed dentists. This tooth may have broken because of trauma, decay, friction from your other teeth because they are crowded, etc. I would recommend an exam either by a licensed dentist or a dental school before the tooth becomes symptomatic or breaks further. Best of luck!

Broken front tooth

The best place to begin is with an examination and x rays--there looks to be a lot going on with the color, the health of the gum tissue , the positioning, and the lost tooth structure. It almost looks like this could be a retained baby tooth as well.The solutions will depend on the status of the remaining root. Any experienced dentist can advise you. If costs are your biggest concern see about finding a dental school--many of them have greatly reduced fees. Good luck

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