Loose tooth/popping sound from teeth whitening?

So for modeling I had to whiten my teeth, I have only done it once. And the one time that I did it it felt like something inside of my gum popped.. And now I feel like my tooth is slightly loose.. I know I need to see a dentist. But will I perminatly loose my tooth?

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Loose tooth and tooth whitening

Hi there,Tooth whitening is typically a type of bleach that penetrates the tooth to remove stain, but does not have the ability to loosen a tooth. The most common side effect of whitening is sensitivity/tooth pain. I would recommend seeing a local dentist to determine why the tooth feels loose and what might be taking place. Best of luck!

Teeth Whitening and a Loose Tooth

Having your teeth whitened and feeling a popping inside your gum and a loose tooth would have been a coincidence and not related at all to each other.  Whitening your teeth may cause some discomfort from the bleaching but it has nothing to do with a loose tooth.  Go see your dentist to see what is going on!  Best of luck and I am sure all is fine!  Good luck with your modeling!

Vachik Danoukh, DMD
Van Nuys Dentist

Unusual condition needs to be evaluated

Whitening would absolutely not cause anything like you're describing. Since you have something unusual going on, you do need to go visit your dentist to see what may have happened. You may put your mind to rest that this has anything to do with the whitening.

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