How do I fix my two big front teeth? (Photos)

Hi, I've always been super insecure about my smile. I was always bullied for having bugs bunny teeth and I just want to know what options I have other than veneers to fix my teeth. I'm just assuming as of right now veneers is the only thing I can do but I'm praying and hoping otherwise. They thought of fake teeth scares me. I've always wanted a beautiful full smile like the woman in the picture collage I displayed below mine.

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Two Big Front Teeth

Your front teeth appear large because the two teeth adjacent to them are out of position.It looks like your bite is forcing the upper teeth into positions that are not as nice looking as you would like.There is a space issue with your bite, so veneers won't help. You need to get the lower teeth aligned so that the upper teeth can be brought into position to give you the beautiful smile you deserve.Find an orthodontist for a consultation to discuss the particulars with you. You can have the smile of your dreams!

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Your smile

Your teeth appear to have good esthetics, but they are not in their proper alignment. By positioning your teeth in a straight and even alignment your smile can be enhanced, and you can avoid the need for veneers. Your smile can be corrected using clear aligners like the invisalign. Consider visiting an experienced provider in your area; he/she can help with your decision making process.All the best,

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Orthodontics not veneers

I do not think veneers are the way to go in your case. You appear to have very nice teeth and just need to position them better. This can be done with Invisalign or conventional Orthodontics. If you widen your arch, this will help make the front teeth look less large as you will show more teeth in your smile than you do right now.  If you visit a dentist or orthodontist who has a lot of experience with Invisalign, you can certainly use Invisalign to treat your case.  Invisalign has many advantages over conventional brackets and wires that many people are very pleased with when they have themselves treated using Invisalign instead.

Big front teeth

I suggest that you start your journey with a visit to an orthodontist. Your front teeth appear larger because the teeth on either side are not in ideal position. An orthodontist may also be able to slenderize the front two teeth to make them appear more narrow. Veneers aren't the ideal way to treat your case. orthodontics will be less invasive and a more permanent solution to your problem. 

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