I have scars on my face from cutera cool glide laser: Is this the wrong laser to remove small spider veins? (Photo)

I went to have small spider veins removed from underneath my nose in March 2013. The nurse used a Cutera Cool glide laser. she used the laser around my eyes and cheeks. I had blisters, bruising, swelling and burns and an open, weeping lesion. I now have 3 scars on my right cheek (very similar to chicken pox scars) and crepiness underneath my eyes. What happened? I was told this laser\is safe for removing small spider veins and at worst side effects might be a little redness

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Cool Glide laser for facial veins

I agree with you that the treatment was too aggressive and it is hoped that you recover without residual scarring. An updated picture at 1 year will be a helpful post. 

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CoolGlide for Spider Veins

Hi Psyche.  The Coolglide is an appropriate laser for small spider veins.  The long pulsed Nd:Yg is a very common type of laser to use for spider veins on the face and extremities.  With that said, the outcome of your treatment does not appear normal.  If you are healed from this procedure now, but have some residual scarring then you should approach your practitioner about taking some remedial action.  If you do not want to return to the practice, then you should consider asking them to pay for the procedures you may consider.  

Fractional laser resurfacing may be a good option at this point to help with the scarring.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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