Why Second Scan for Invisalign After Only 7 Trays?

Made an appointment my dr. Looked at my current # 7 trays in my mouth said they're fitting fine I said ok watch next tray. Top left in back not fitting unless I grind ans smash them for a day. Dr finally saw they didn't fit got a second scan. For some reason when doing my scans that also happens to be where the person has to keep rescanning me. Maybe not trained right on this? Suppose to be a premiere Invisalign orthodontist

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Scanning for invisalign

You are referring to the Itero machine that will scan your mouth in lieu of taking impressions.  The scan is normally very accurate but you can certainly need a mid course correction when the trays do not fit any longer.  Your next treatment should be fine.

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Scanner for Invisalign

The iTero scanner is used for invisalign treatment and is very accurate.  Sometimes there is a discrepancy between how the teeth move and what the aligner wants the tooth to do.  The scan is going to be accurate if it is completed, I have had a scanner for 3 years and have never had an issue with the scanner itself, but sometimes a little tweak to keep treatment progressing is needed.  The next set of aligners should fit well.  Good luck

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