DUPA Hair Loss. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 22, suffering from severe male pattern baldness. It is probably genetic because my father and uncle went bald in their 20s. I just want to know if I suffer from diffuse unpatterned alopecia(DUPA)? Please take a look at the pictures I've attached. Is hair transplant an option for this kind of hair loss? Appreciate your help.

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You need an examination for a better understanding of why you are losing hair. The Internet will only give you generalizations.

You need an examination for a better understanding of why you are losing hair. The Internet will only give you generalizations.  If you have DUPA you would not be a transplant candidate.

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DUPA or Headed to Norwood Class 7

You appear to have a definite male pattern distribution to your hair loss and you are very young. Your family history is in line with this.You should see a dermatologist to rule out non pattern causes of hair loss and seek appropriate medical therapies. You are not a candidate for hair transplant surgery. You are blessed to have a nicely shaped head and even though you are not a candidate for hair restoration you still look great! If you feel tempted to have a hair transplant read the following link and it will help to keep you from unethical hair transplant clinics.

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DUPA and Hair restoration - Don't despair!

DUPA patients make poor transplant candidates, that is true.  Get a definitive diagnosis from a good dermatologist who knows hair well, and then work with whatever that result is.
But even if it IS DUPA, you STILL have a lot of options!  Try aggressive medical therapy first.  Finasteride, minoxidil, ketoconazole shampoo and LLLT all simultaneously can have a multiplicative effect.  Multiple scientific trials show that the efficacy of combining these treatments is higher than any one of them alone (I added one recent one to this post but there are lots more on the NIH database known as PubMEd)!  Keep as much hair as you can - it makes all your other options look better.
SMP is great, too, and there are fantastic non-surgical hair replacement options (like wigs) from reputable outlets like Cesare Ragazzi (with whom I have NO affiliation by the way).  You could even try PRP - it might help - who knows? The key thing is not to give up.
Good luck!

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Hair loss and DUPA

People with DUPA (Make sure that this is a firm diagnosis as this makes hair transplants unwise), are best to consider scalp micropigmentation and a short hair style. I wrote the first article in the medical literature defining DUPA to the medical profession. See web reference below

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Hair transplant or not?

I would advise seeing a dermatologist to review the precise cause. Additional questions are needed and a very careful examination of your scalp is also needed to exclude other conditions that can mimic this clinical presentation.You are not a candidate for a hair transplant.

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