Monoxidil 5% and finasteride hair loss reduced after a month but not fully. What's next?

im using monoxidil an finasteride for a month and i had a sever shedding for the first month and i have already asked about that now after a month my hair loss is reduced but not fully.what is the next phase. will i get my hair by regowth.plzz give me a better answer

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Minoxidil and finateride are the only medication that can treat hair loss in men. It would be best to follow up with your docto

Minoxidil and finateride are the only medication that can treat hair loss in men.  It would be best to follow up with your doctor for your next step.

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Combination of minoxidil and finasteridq

Both of these medications take months, possibly 1 year to see the full benefits. As you are getting benefits in a month, you are already ahead o the game, just keep to taking both

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Minoxidil and finasteride? ENGLEWOOD Cliffs NJ

In my opinion, if your hair loss is starting to decrease, you should be patient. It takes 6 to 12 months for you to see significant effects from the medication. If you're looking for other treatments, low level laser and PRP Therapy are options. You need to be under the care of a hair expert. They will help you plan your treatment. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Assessing results from Minoxidil 5% and finasteride for male androgenetic alopecia

Minoxidil 5% and finasteride are treatment options for androgenetic alopecia (male pattern balding). One month is really too short a timeframe to be able to assess any improvement from using minoxidil 5% and finasteride. If you use 5% minoxidil twice a day, directly on your scalp, results may be noticeable from 8 weeks. I would recommend baseline hair photographs prior to commencing treatment, and then six months into treatment, to be able to effectively assess if your hair loss is continuing, has stabilised, or you are getting regrowth. Six months is a good point in which to assess your results.

If you are still experiencing excessive shedding though after 3 months, you should see your Dermatologist in order to ensure there are no other underlying hair loss or medical conditions.

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