Can I have Skin Genesis Treatment while under chemo treatment for ovarian cancer?

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Laser Genesis while on Chemotherapy treatment

It depends what chemo treatments you are having for you ovarian cancer, but Laser Genesis treatments are usually very safe as they effect only the dermis and not the epidermis. 

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Laser genesis during chemotherapy

I agree that it is a good idea to wait. First, some chemotherapy agents can be photosensitizing and if you ask a pharmacist, they may or may not have all the information about whether the regimen your on is photosensitizing. Second, you may be tempted to have other treatments that are definitely not safe for you at this time, and 3rd, your skin may be more sensitive. It is overall a very safe treatment and although the risks may be low, its not worth the risk.

Kouros Azar, MD
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I would wait

During chemotherapy there is a decrease in cell turnover and a decrease in immune system function. The laser genesis is non invasive so there is no breakdown of the skin so I would not believe there would be an increased risk of infection.

The cellular element worries me in that you may have an increased sensitivity and burn at a lower than expected laser energy and the alteration of cell turnover may markedly diminish your result thus exposing you to risk for no gain.

Stay strong for your chemo and once its over then consider aesthetic treatments. Be well.

Glenn Messina, MD
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