Is laser genesis suitable for someone with pigments history?

I have olive skin tone with a history of pigments, i'd like to have laser genesis treatments for rejuvenation but i am worried that it might trigger and aggravate the pigmented area that i had a few years ago, i would really appreciate your advice, i am 34 years of age, thankyou

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Yes, safe if performed correctly

The wavelength is similar for vascular and also pigment namely 1064, so yes, if performed correctly, absolutely safe. All the best, Dr Davin S. Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

Laser Genesis Treatment

Hello and thank you for your question. Laser Genesis is a treatment that is safe for all skin types and no downtime at all. The wavelength that is used by this treatment (1064) is actually used for people who have pigmentation issues. I don't think you will have any problems getting this treatment done, I love it myself, hope this helps. Dr.S. 

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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