Will Laser Genesis Strengthen The Skin and Prevent Rosacea Papules.

So I get Rosacea papules in the same spot all the time. The only place I have spider veins are where I get the papules. I don't get them that often. I might get one large one flair up a month. It seems to me that these are weak areas in my skin where inflammation flairs up. Is it possible through Laser Genesis or another laser to strengthen the skin to prevent this from happening ? I use soolantra and finacea already and those help a little but don't stop it entirely

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Laser Genesis for Rosacea

Yes, laser genesis can definitely help with your rosacea and decrease the overall redness. Schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to be assessed in person and discuss. You may want to do the genesis in combination with something else the Excel V. Hope this helps --

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LaserGenesis and rosacea

Dear green976:

Yes, LaserGenesis will help reduce the activity of rosacea, as well as its background redness. To get rid of large vessels and make your rosacea much less severe you can also have treatments with KTP, Alex, pulsed dye, or NdYag.

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laser Genesis can help reduce those papule and decrease the overall redness associated with your condition. There is a new er laser with the genesis called the Excel V which is a vascular KTP laser with Genesis on it. I start with the KTP side and follow up with 5-6 genesis about 2 weeks apart. Expect some swelling with the KTP combo but it works well. I find Ice reduces the swelling significantly

I hope this was helpful

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