Juvederm injection technique injecting filler as needle is going into the skin. Is this a common technique?

I had a consultation for Juvederm to correct nasolabial folds and marionette lines. The Board Certified Dermatologist said that as he is injecting the needle he starts to inject the filler as the needle is going into the skin. Is this a common technique and what are the advantages or disadvantages?

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The technique of filler injection would depend on the type of filler and the depth within the skin or under the skin.
Safety precautions include
1: use of local anesthetic with epinephrine to make blood vessels vey small.
2: Use cannula instead of needle to inject the filler
3: inject as the cannula is drawn back
This will minimize the risk of intra-vascular injection, more control of the injection technique

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Do not micromanage your doctor

There are many techniques for injecting soft tissue fillers.  This is part of the "art of medicine".  What works well for some physicians may not work well for others.  I recommending finding a doctor who is highly experienced, has a good reputation, who listens to you and understands your concerns and who you trust and let them do their job in the manner that allows them to produce best results.  

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Juvederm technique

There are several different techniques for injecting fillers such as Juvederm.  Experienced injectors can vary their technique depending on the patient, site of injections and the product.  It is important to choose an experienced injector with whom you are comfortable and rely on his /her judgment.

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Juvederm injection techniques vary

there are many different ways to inject Juvederm, Restylane, Restylane Silk and Belotero.  Although dermatologists do more non-surgical cosmetic procedures than any other specialty, make sure your doctor has a lot of experience with dermal fillers as not every dermatologist does a lot of this.

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Injection techniques for Juvederm

Injection technique depends on the location, wrinkles/lines, and skill of the physician. Often we use different techniques for different things. There is what's called "fanning" which means the syringe is inserted and kind of wiggled in there like a fan while injecting, there's also bolus technique where small boluses of material are inserted, and then there's what you are talking about where the needle is inserted and the filler is injected as the needle is pulled out of the skin. This is what's often used for finer lines and wrinkles because it goes in smoother and finer.

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