I had Hydrogel Butt Injection 9 years ago. Now it's starting to sag, can I just have my butt lifted without any fat transfer?

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Butt Lift Hydrogel

Butt lifting with hydrogels often produce transient good results.  Years later complications including migration, firmness and lumps often ensue.

Removal of these gels may be accomplished with aspiration hopefully avoiding open excisions.

Replacement of the gel with fat, implants or Sculptra are safer alternatives.

Please consult in person with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making treatment decisions.

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Butt lift after hydrogel

With hydrogel present, your question can only be answered after an in-person consultation and physical exam.  Please read on for more hydrogel details:

Hydrogels when injected in large quantities, have a relatively high infection rate, guaranteed tendency to migrate away from the original area they were injected in to, and almost always stimulate a lot of inflammation with a subsequent and disastrous amount of scar tissue/hardening.  Typically, reconstruction of these problems is very costly.  Hopefully you have not been cursed with any of the above.  Glad to help  

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