What type of lipo is best for BBL Procedure?

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Best Lipo Techniques for BBL

Suction assisted tumescent liposuction is best, using slender, 3mm cannulas with 1mm holes. Why? Because a recent publication by a prominent Plastic Surgery researcher (Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura, a world-wide fat grafting authority), concluded that small fragments of fat are better for fat graft survival.

Fat processing and reinjection are also important, but a good Brazilian Butt Lift result really does start with the proper liposuction method to help ensure that the fat graft 'takes.'

The web reference is a recent blog post that speaks to the research I've referred to above and explains in further detail why small fat particles are essential to achieving good results.

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What type of lipo is best for BBL Procedure?

Greetings. Every surgeon will have a different answer for this question. I have used power assisted liposuction for the BBL procedure. Patients tolerate it with very few issues.  A plastic surgery consultation would help to clarify this question and other questions. Good luck!

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Gentle liposuction technique enhances Butt Lift

Hello again, I have updated my answer with a web reference to help answer your question better. 

Hi Minimac616.  The best type of liposuction for a Brazilian Butt Lift is one that is gentle so that there is high fat cell survival for fat grafting.  Liposuction of other areas (waist, lower back,hips etc.) is also used to accentuate the buttocks appearance..  I have used modalities such as VASER (ultrasonic assisted) to enhance fat graft survival when the harvesting liposuction is done, and provide more shaping of the fibrous areas in the lower back & hips. Placement of the fat graft should be done in small aliquots to increase fat graft take. In general, outcomes are more dependent upon technique, than technology.  Good luck!

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