Are there any dangers associated with microneedling and PRP?

I am seriously considering doing microneedling with PRP (to get rid of fine lines around my eyes) just wanted to know if there are any dangers or potential or adverse effects.

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Micro needling and PRP - risks

This is a low risk procedure, especially if non energy miconeedling is used. The risks include infection ( I always cover my patients with antibiotics and anti virals if needed).  The question is what is the best way or method to achieve the best results? In your case, as Dr Emer pointed out, it maybe a combination of lasers, PRP, as well as fillers. Treating texture, tone and volume gives the best, and most natural results. See someone who is an expert in all these procedures, and the outcome will be there.All the best, Dr Davin S. Lim, Brisbane. Australia. 

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Microneedling/PRP is a Low Risk For Eye Wrinkles, Best Combine with Lasers, Botox, Fillers, Peels

Microneedling is a low-risk procedure and works well in combination with other treatments. It may cause some temporary redness or irritation. For lines around the eyes, I use a combination of lasers, microneedling/PRP, fillers and skin care/peels and botox which can improve this area. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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Dangers of microneedling and PRP

The most common reaction following the treatment is mild redness and swelling. Given that PRP is derived from your own blood, there is very little risk.  The main risk from both of these procedures is infection as microneedling involves inducing tiny open channels into the skin which could be a portal for bacteria entry.  PRP , given it is a blood product, has to be handled properly again to minimize the risk of infection

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