Can you justify the expense of PRP rejuvenation injections?

Why is PRP injections treatment so costly considering that there is no expensive pharmaceutical injectable involved but the patients' own blood, and the time for the procedure so short (20 min)?

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PRP For Rejuvenation

I do a significant amount of PRP and get fantastic outcomes.  The cost is not only the price of the procedure but also the expertise of the person doing it.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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In my opinion,  I agree the cost of PRP should be reasonable. The factors that must be taken into consideration are the cost of the tubes, staff time, photography and the doctors injection time. Our costs are low $400 to $600 for an 11ml vial or 22 ml vial of blood. We have tried to keep it affordable to most individuals. When one adds Acell or an extracellular Matrix, the price increases significantly. I don't believe that this extra cost is necessary. Find a PRP expert. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Jeffrey Rapaport, MD
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Cost of P Shot

Good question.  Compare to the artist.  The price of the paint is pennies but the painting may go for millions!  The P Shot is a trademarked, licensed procedure requiring specialized training, specific technique and proprietary equipment.  Those of us who are members of the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association perform a standardized treatment.  Each provider has been vetted by the inventor and the Association and has spent at least a decade in most cases earning degrees and passing board examinations to become diplomates in respective fields.  There is a price to be innovators because some of our colleagues may either question the need for this procedure or look at us with question about its validity despite the numerous papers in the medical literature.  There are hidden uncompensated hours we spend keeping up with almost weekly updates and new videos about the procedure. We attend late night webinars by the inventor, Dr. Runels and pay a licensing fee to maintain our membership and access.  We use an expensive FDA approved kit and equipment. All this is a small price to pay compared to the reward we all feel when our patients follow a program to help men restore sexual function and thereby improve the relationships with their partners and an important part of their confidence and self esteem. Not only does the patient but families, communities and businesses benefit as well.  It is my hope that the value far outweighs the price.

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Expense of PRP

You are paying for expertise of the doctor as well as staff, supplies needed for the procedure, and it depends on the machine (Centrifuge) they are using with the kits as well.
Thank you for your question.

David Ikudayisi, MD
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PRP Costs

Thank you for your question. There are several factors that determine the cost of a prp treatment such as the prp kits used to obtain a high amount of prp and supplies which can be costly as well as the physician's times and fees.

Kathleen Morno, MD
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Cost of PRP injection

Thanks for your question. Although I don't know what type of PRP injection you are referring to, I can tell you that much of the cost of a PRP injection is attributable to two things-

1. The time it takes to perform the procedure (including the time to process the blood to create the PRP) and the skill and expertise of the injector - time is also factored into other injections such as dermal filler and botox for example. The PRP injections that in my experience take the most time are scalp (for hair loss) and the Vampire FaceLift (injection of dermal filler plus PRP for facial rejuvenation). Then there are the costs of other materials used in the process- like microneedling tips, injection cannulas, all varies depending on which injection you are talking about. 

2. The cost of the kit required to prepare the PRP. There are 25 or more FDA approved PRP kits available, but they vary significantly in terms of cost and quality (concentration) of the PRP produced. In general, the ones that produce the highest concentration (therefore highest quality, and likely best result) are quite expensive. 

One kit that we use for our O shot and P shot PRP for example costs $250 just for the kit, but we use it because the platelet yield is excellent and we have had great results with our procedures using this kit.Bottom line, this is not an inexpensive service to deliver. It takes time, training, experience, other equipment (centrifuge), and supplies that are costly. The results, however, are very gratifying.

Best,Lisa Vuich, MD

Lisa Vuich, MD
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