Thoughts on Tummy tuck surgery while taking Remicade for arthritis? Should it be skipped before/after surgery to help w healing?

I was on Otezla for a year. I stopped & started Remicade. I have only had one infusion last month. I am due tomorrow for my next dose. I canceled it until after surgery. I am scheduled for a tummy tuck October 20. I thought this would be best for the healing process? Not sure when to make my next remicade apt? The dr told me to ask the Plastic Surgeon about healing. I don't have my Pre Op until the 5th, which is 2 weeks before my surgery. Can I take remicade before/after a tummy tuck? healing?

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the major concern with Remicade would be if it causes bleeding like other arthritis medicines, including Aspirin.  I looked up information on Remicade with shows it does not cause bleeding.  However, if you can skip a dose without a problem, you might want to play it safe and skip a dose.  Get advice from your surgeon and rheumatologist first.

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I'd stop the Remicade

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I have had the opposite experience with Remicade.  I have had some healing issues in patients who were otherwise great tummy tuck candidates -- they were thin and had never smoked.  It was nothing disastrous, but I think you'll heal a lot faster with fewer issues if you skip a dose or 2. I would have skipped this dose and not consider another until about a month after surgery if everything is healing ok.  Please let us know how you do!  Good luck!

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Remicade and cosmetic surgery #plasticsurgery

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I've done body contouring procedures for patients on Remicade and have not encountered any problems with wound healing or scar quality. I worked closely with the patient's prescribing physicians to coordinate Remicade dosing that would be most advantageous for wound healing.

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