Spitting Stitches & Fat Necrosis?

I had TT In March 2014 and have continued to have rejected internal sutures make their way out externally either through puncturing my belly button, along my TT incision line and the most recent rejected suture is making its way out thru my pubic area where the drainage tube was place post op. Fat Necrosis is this 6mm hard mass above my belly button and below my breast bone, it's painful & tender. Do I have any other options regarding removal of mass & Internal sutures other than surgery?

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Fat necrosis and spitting sutures

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I'm sorry you have had a rough course after your abdominoplasty.  Small areas of fat necrosis sometimes respond to steroid injections.  This may be a good first option if you are trying to avoid further procedures.  There are minimally invasive ways to remove as well that require minimal/no down time.  Your body isn't really "rejecting" the sutures, this is a common reaction to the dissolvable sutures.  It is not common to still see spitting sutures this far out, but certainly does occasionally happen.  Good luck!

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Nondissolving sutures and areas of fat necrosis can probably be removed in the office under local anesthesia. Your surgeon will be the best one to guide you to how it should be done.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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