Would a tummy tuck be an option to remove a scar caused by gastroschisis? (Photos)

I am almost 22 years old, 5 ft and 125 lbs. I was born with Gastroschisis (birth defect of the abdominal (belly) wall. The baby's intestines stick outside of the baby's body, through a hole beside the belly button. The hole can be small or large and sometimes other organs, such as the stomach and liver, can also stick outside of the baby's body) Would a tummy tuck be an option to remove the scar? If not what are some other options?

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Options are available to you for your tummy appearance

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but you really need to be examined in person so skin laxity and redundancy can be determined and your expectations appreciated.  But with your belly button appearing as it is, I would be leaning towards getting rid of it and having a reconstruction down the road at minimum.  


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The pictures are a little difficult to appreciate, however I am certain the scar can be improved. The method needed would depend on an in person exam. Consult with a surgeon do get the definitive answer.

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Would a tummy tuck be an option to remove a scar caused by gastroschisis?

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Thank you for the pictures and questions. In short, it is hard to say based on the pictures. Usually with a tummy tuck, the majority of the skin up to the umbilicus can be removed. If there is significant skin excess, then more skin (such as the scar skin above the umbilicus that you demonstrate) can be removed. But to truly evaluate you for this, you need to be seen for an exam to feel and estimate your skin laxity. In addition, you need to make sure that your birth defect repair did not leave behind some abnormal anatomy that would need to be addressed at the time of the tummy tuck (hernia, abdominal wall defect, etc.) Best to see a local board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

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Abdominal scar

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The scar from your gastroschisis repair is much to high to be removed with an abdominoplasty.  You could consider a scar revision or liposuction above the scar for contouring.  But PLEASE proceed with caution, your abdominal wall is not going to be normal.  You will have a great deal of scar tissue and possibly an abdominal wall defect.  See a plastic surgeon that is board certified by the ABPS.  In my opinion you can embrace this as a hard earned battle scar.  Good luck, Jane

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