Raising area between eyebrows in Asian rhinoplasty. What is this procedure called? (Photo)

I notice in a lot of Asian rhinoplasty photos that the nose appears to start between the eyes, giving a short appearance as if cut off at the top. In the photos below, with the area of interest circled in blue, the area between the eyebrows is also raised to give a more aesthetic appearance of the nose starting at the browbone. What is this procedure called and what materials (would fat be possible?) would be involved for the augmentation?

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Dorsal nasal augmentation

The procedure is known as a nasal dorsal augmentation. It can be accomplished is a number of ways and usually involves adding something to the nasal bridge such as bone, cartilage or a silicone implant.  Narrowing the nasal bones can also be done at the same time.

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Radix augmentation during Asian rhinoplasty

You make a very astute observation in differentiating between dorsal augmentation and what you are observing: radix augmentation and raising of the nasal starting point.  

The area of the bridge between the eyebrows (radix) can be augmented and built up during Asian rhinoplasty.  I prefer to use the DCF technique for radix augmentation as it creates smooth, natural-appearing contours using your own tissue.  

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Augmentation rhinoplasty

Augmentation rhinoplasty is usually a part of Asian rhinoplasty. It can involve the dorsum as well as the radix, the area between the brows. Your best option is an I. Person evaluation by a board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in Asian rhinoplasty. 

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Dorsal augmentation of the Asian Nose

This is called dorsal augmentation.  This component of rhinoplasty is often times a key component of Asian rhinoplasty.  It can be performed with cartilage from your ear, your ribs, and other synthetic materials such as Gore-Tex (which I do not use very often at all) and silicone.  My preference is to use cartilage but in some cases silicone implants of the nasal bridge work fine and patients with very thick skin.  I discouraged Asian patients with medium thickness skin to thin skin from using synthetic implants because they tend to be visible as the months and years passed after implant placement.  In general you want to avoid making the bridge to high in most patients but depending on the person's features a dramatically augmented bridge can look quite nice.

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Augmentation rhinoplasty

The procedure is called "dorsal augmentation" and there are multiple options available for raising the nasal dorsum (bridge). Materials chosen for augmentation depend on the degree of augmentation needed as well as surgeon preference. Your options include silicone implant, Gore-Tex graft, cartilage (ear or rib), or injectable non-permanent fillers. Fat is possible but has poor predictability of the final result due to the high rate of resorption in this area and difficulty in controlling where it stays on the bone.

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Dorsal onlay graft or radix graft to augment the nose between the eyebrows.

Both of these graphs can augment the area of your nose between your eyebrows. In 40 years of rhinoplasty I've never had to use a rib graft to do this. There is enough cartilage in your septum alone to do this or definitely using ear cartilage. This has far less cost andmorbidity than if one were to use a rib graft. See a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for the best results.

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Nasal Bridge Augmentation #Rhinoplasty

This procedure is called a dorsal onlay graft and is commonly a rib graft custom carved to fit your needs. Many Asian patients receive a silicone graft if that is the only procedure being performed, however, this implant has a higher chance for erosion through your tissues over time. 

You should see a board certified rhinoplasty surgeon in your area to get a formal opinion through and in-person consultation.
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Asian Dorsal Augmentation

This is dorsal augmentation where the bridge of the nose is built up to create more favorable shadowing. This can be done surgically using mostly cartilage grafting techniques, although in some cases an implant is used to raise the bridge height. 

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Asian rhinoplasty

This can be referred to in different ways, but it is a dorsal augmentation.  It can be done with fillers but these are only temporary.  It is usually corrected with surgery.  We prefer to use the patient's natural tissue being either cartilage from inside the nose, the rib or fascia from behind the ear.  Synthetic material can also be used.  Best wishes.

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